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Sports Monster Basketball

Sports Monster Basketball
Winter Registration is NOW OPEN!
Basketball season is always in full swing with Sports Monster so come join us this season and get some jumpers up! We have the best-run leagues in Pittsburgh. Leagues will fill up quickly, so hurry and sign up today and take advantage of our priority pricing!
We offer men's and coed leagues with recreational and intermediate skill levels to ensure good competition no matter what level of game you have.
Sports Monster Basketball Leagues Include:
  • 6-7-week regular season + playoff tournament (all teams qualify)
  • 20 minute halves (running clock... stops in final 2 minutes of game) 
  • Two officials and scorekeeper included in league cost
  • Winning teams recieve customized champ t-shirts or trophies


If you or your team are looking for a good time and aren't the best basketball player(s) out there but love the game, then this is your league. This level is set for those players that didn't play in college and maybe played some in high school. You will find a mixture of some good players and a few beginners as this level is set for our recreational players. 

Played in highschool, college, or have played consistently in leagues? Then this will be the skill level for you. The intermediate level is set for those individuals and teams looking to play some competitive basketball. Many teams will run set plays, and all of them will have a great understanding of the game on both ends of the floor.


*NEW RULE* Any technical foul will result in automatic 2 points awarded to the other team. No free throws




Winter 20 Sunday Basketball @ Winchester Thurston

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Winter 20 Tuesday Basketball @ Hough Gym

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  • Sport: Basketball
  • Locations: Hough Gym
  • Days of the week: Tuesday
  • Started on : Started on 1/7