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Sports Monster PIT Social Bowling

Sports Monster PIT Social Bowling

 Social Bowling Leagues Are Back!


Sports Monsters love to bowl! However, many people do not like to be tied into the forever and ever leagues that are typical for bowling.


We have taken our seasonal league approach and applied it to bowling so people can get out to the lanes, enjoy a season and decide to keep playing on the same team, make adjustments or head back outdoors when the weather is nice for other sports.


Leagues will be played at Hollywood Lanes on West Liberty.


Don't keep playing in the gutters. Grab your bowling balls and play this season with Sports Monster!



What is social bowling?

Just your typical bowling leagues...with a few exceptions:


- These are 8-week leagues: 7-week regular season and a one-week bowl-off
- SOCIAL format. Have as many as 10 people on your team.
- Matches start promptly and finish in 90 minutes. Bowl as much as you can!
- Top 4 unique player scores count towards the final score
- Top scores recorded MUST come from 4 different bowlers
- Shoe and ball rental included; monitor fees included
- NO handicapping (top four individual game scores count each week).
- Prizes for the winning teams