1, 2, 3 Charity Happy Hour @ Cain's Saloon

  • Sport: Event
  • Locations: Cain's Saloon
  • Days of the week: Thursday
  • Started on : Started on Thursday, March 29
  • Dates: 3.29
  • Times: 5:00 PM

Signup Deadline: Wednesday, March 28

Come to Happy Hour at Cain’s Saloon on Thursday, March 29 from 5-7 pm and help raise money for the charity of your choosing! How does the 1-2-3 Happy Hour work? Well, it’s as easy as “1-2-3”!

1. Register and pay $5 online and tell us which charity you would like to raise money for.

2. Get your friends to come to Happy Hour with you, and vote for your charity with their $5 donation!

3. Have FUN! Eat! Drink! Socialize! Whichever charity has the most votes by the end of Happy Hour will get 50% of the proceeds from the event!

Cain’s Happy Hour Menu:
5 items for $5 at 5PM
$5 Apps
$5 Wine Carafes
$5 Craft Pints
$5 Drinks
$5 Pasta Bowls

The following appetizers are offered at $5 (more than 50% off!!!) during Happy Hour from 5:00-7:00pm:
Loaded Fries
Hot Pepper Cheese Bites
Fried Pickles (10)
Soft Pretzel Sticks (10)
Zucchini Planks
Pierogis (10)

    • Gender: Co-ed
    • Age: 21 and Up